Information Management Unit (IMU)

Currently, offices and wings in the Finance Department work in silos and there exists a lack of coordination between them which makes it difficult to take decisions from a holistic perspective. Along with this, the lack of usage of data for decision-making has been a long-standing issue in Sindh. This issue has further aggravated due to the lack of coordination and usage of legacy systems for business operations.

The unit has been established to assist in strengthening public sector performance by coordinating between departments and offices for improved revenue generation and expenditure management; improving existing processes and defining new processes for integrating information coming in from different business areas. It will further support in enhancing the performance of public financial management systems, through data analysis and assistance in migrating to modern and globally acclaimed solutions, in the province. The unit will also provide trainings to the department’s different wings on the usage of GFMIS for improved practice.


Information Management Unit (IMU) shall support the implementation of the Sindh Public Financial Management Strategy as part of the Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project (SPSMRP). The objectives include:

  • Catering the needs of fiscal information and its variants for effective usage in day to day decision-making processes
  • Integrating information from different sectors/departments to make decisions having a holistic perspective
  • Integrating the operations of different wings of finance department to improve business processes, operational efficiency and encourage transparent reporting
  • Supporting for enhancing the usage of the FMIS in Finance, P&D and line departments
  • Improving cash management mechanisms including support to commitment accounting
  • Organizing trainings on the usage of FMIS reports in Finance, P&D and line departments
  • Supporting pre-budget workshops and seminars
  • Supporting debt management
  • Asset recording, internal control, and expenditure commitment control
  • Payroll and pension analysis
  • Strengthening citizen engagement and information disclosure practices
  • Facilitating the department by developing software solutions by studying information needs
  • Assisting in digitizing the business operations of the department to increase the efficiency of the department
  • Assisting in migrating from legacy systems/processes to modern practices


The unit has developed and launched a Fiscal & Financial Dashboard portal along with 7 more projects for enhanced Financial Management and transparency. These can be accessed either through Finance Department website or directly through CLICK TO VISIT