Budget Books

A government’s budget book shows financial accounts of the previous year along with revised estimates for current year and the budgeted estimates of government's revenues and expenditure for the upcoming year.

Budget at a Glance

Budget at a Glance explains all the data related to the Budget in a reader-friendly manner. It’s a document that explains the gist of all broad aggregates and estimates in a form easier for readers to comprehend.

Budget Speech

The speech given in the provincial assembly to introduce and debrief about the budget is known as Budget Speech.It provides overview of the economy of the previous and current years.

Citizen Budget

Citizen Budget of annual budget prepared by finance department for the fiscal years

Budget Analysis

This involves examining and explaining the components of budget expenditure and revenue. The use of budget indicators (ratios) can help to improve understanding of issues related to structure of the budget.

Budget Strategy Paper

Budget Strategy Paper (BSP) is three year-rolling plan that sets policies and priorities of the government. This paper outlines key macro-economic assumptions, socio-economic indicators and financial management reforms in the province

Budget Quarterly Reports

In the public sector, quarterly reporting is meant to highlight a government's revenues and expenditures for a quarter (3 months) of the fiscal year.

Budget Call Circular

The Budget Call Circular contains budget preparation forms instructions and procedure for preparation and submission of detailed budget estimates.


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