Department Wise List of Funds (Current Expenditure)

Agriculture Supply & Prices
SC21121 Agriculture
SC21135 Weights & Measures
SC21170 Sugar Cane Cess
Auqaf, Relgious Affairs & Zakat
SC21164 Auqaf, Relgious Affairs & Zakat
Board of Revenue
SC21114 Board of Revenue-Tax Management
SC21124 Board of Revenue-Land Management
Chief Minister
SC21103 Chief Minister Secretariat / House
SC21112 Sindh Revenue Board
College Education
SC21155 Colleges
SC21125 Cooperative
Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department
SC21148 Culture Tourism Antiquities and Archives
Department of Empowerment-Persons Disabilities
SC21159 Department of Empowerment-Persons Disabilities
SC21128 Energy
Environment, Climate Change & Coastal Development Department
SC21136 Environment
Excise & Taxation
SC21113 Excise & Taxation
SC21106 Finance
SC21107 Superannuation & Pension
SC21108 Grants and Subventions
SC21126 Subsidies
SC24106 Finance - Debt Servicing Interest Payment
SC21122 Food
Forest & Wildlife
SC21137 Forest & Wildlife
Governor Secretariat / House
SC21102 Governor Secretariat / House
SC24102 Governor Secretariat / House ( charged )
SC21144 Health Services
SC21156 Medical Education
SC21115 Home
SC21116 Sindh Police
SC21117 Jails
Human Rights
SC21171 Human Rights
Industries & Commerce
SC21130 Industries
Information & Archives
SC21146 Information
Information Technology
SC21149 Information Technology
Inter Provincial Coordination
SC21172 Inter Provincial Coordination
Investment Department
SC21109 Investment Department
SC21127 Irrigation
Human Settlement, Spatial Development and Social Housing Department
SC21141 Human Settlement Sp.Dev & Social Housing
Labour & Human Resources
SC21131 Labour
Law & Parliamentary Affairs
SC21118 Law & Parliamentary Affairs
SC24118 Law & Parliamentary Affairs ( charged )
Livestock & Fisheries
SC21123 Livestock & Fisheries
Local Government & HTP
SC21138 Local Government
SC21139 Transfer to Local Bodies
SC21140 Housing & Town Planning
Mines & Minerals Development
SC21129 Mines & Minerals
Minorities Affairs
SC21147 Minorities Affairs
Ombudsman for Protection againsr woman harassment at workplace
SC24120 Protection Against Harassment (Charged)
Planning & Development
SC21110 Planning & Development
Population Welfare
SC21160 Population Welfare
Provincial Assembly
SC24101 Provincial Assembly ( charged )
Provincial Assembly of Sindh
SC21101 Provincial Assembly
Provincial Ombudsman
SC24119 Provincial Ombudsman ( charged )
Public Health Engineering and RDD
SC21142 Rural Development
SC21143 Public Health Engineering
SC21162 Rehabilitation
School Education
SC21133 Education Works
SC21150 Education Administration
SC21151 Primary Education
SC21152 Elementary/Middle Education
SC21153 Secondary Education
SC21154 Higher Secondary
Services General Admin & Coord Department.
SC21104 Services General Admin & Coord Department.
SC21105 Anti-corruption Establishment
Social Welfare
SC21163 Social Welfare
Sports & Youth Affairs
SC21145 Sports & Youth Affairs
Transport and Mass Transit
SC21134 Transport
Universities and Boards
SC21157 Technical Education
SC21158 Grant to Universities
Women Development
SC21161 Women Development
Works & Services
SC21132 Works & Services
SC24132 Works & Services (charged)