1 Complaint against auditor of TO Dadu for taking bribe 23/01/2023 Download
2 Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Mumtaz Lashari SCO BPS 16 19/01/2023 Download
3 Provisional Seniority List of Assistant Accountant BPS 15 16/01/2023 Download
4 Fact finding enquiry 13/01/2023 Download
5 Major Penalty imposed upon Mr. Allahdad Chopan 11/01/2023 Download
6 Provisional Seniority List of Accountant BPS 17 10/01/2023 Download
7 Field monitoring visit report, dadu 06/01/2023 Download
8 Release of 3rd quarter under A05216 - SC21122 04/01/2023 Download
9 Release of 3rd quarter under A01274 - SC21122 04/01/2023 Download
10 Preparation of Fresh Duplicate Service Books 03/01/2023 Download
11 Financing Assistance for Education Sector 20/12/2022 Download
12 Adherence FIFO Policy of payments of LPR and commutation 20/12/2022 Download
13 Date of appointment to be mentioned in SAP 19/12/2022 Download
14 Emergency Flood Assistance Project 16/12/2022 Download
15 Disbursement of Pay, Allowances & Pension on 30th December 2022 15/12/2022 Download
16 Release of allocation under the head SC13122 Food department 14/12/2022 Download
17 Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project 12/12/2022 Download
18 Appointment of Naib Qasid under Deceased Quota 09/12/2022 Download
19 Show cause notice to Mr. Allah dad Chopan, Sub accountant, DAO Thatta 09/12/2022 Download
20 Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Auranzeb Mallah, SCO. Kashmore 08/12/2022 Download
21 Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Arshad Shah, Sub accountant, Shikarpur 08/12/2022 Download
22 Mr. M. Adil, Ex sub Accountant, summoned regarding Corruption scandal in pension section of DAO Kashmore 05/12/2022 Download
23 Minor Penalty imposed on Mr. abdul Jabbar Shaikh, Auditor, BPS 14 30/11/2022 Download
24 Minor Penatly imposed upon Mr. Majid Solangi, Auditor BS 14 29/11/2022 Download
25 Technical Team for preparation of budget strategy papers 28/11/2022 Download
26 Award of BPS 16 to sub Engineers of works and services dept. 28/11/2022 Download
27 matter of appointment as sub accountant vide letter of 2011 21/11/2022 Download
28 Award of BPS 16 to sub engineers 21/11/2022 Download
29 Call for personal hearing to Mr. Auranzeb Mallah, SCO, Kashmore 21/11/2022 Download
30 Call for personal hearing to Mr. Arshad Shah, sub accountant, Larkana 21/11/2022 Download
31 Departmental Examination of sub ordinate accounts service 21/11/2022 Download
32 Reinstatement of suspended officials 17/11/2022 Download
33 Warning letter issued to Mr. Muhammad Memon, DAO Tharparker 11/11/2022 Download
34 minor penalty imposed on Mr. Ali Mustafa Solangi, SCO, FD 08/11/2022 Download
35 Request of enquiry on Grant of higher grade to teaching staff 04/11/2022 Download
36 minor penalty imposed on Mr. Muhammad khan solangi, NQ, DAO jamshoro 03/11/2022 Download
37 Status of On going development schemes 01/11/2022 Download
38 Call for personal hearing to Mr. Arshad Shah, DAO Larkana 31/10/2022 Download
39 Award of BPS 16 to sub engineers 26/10/2022 Download
40 Release of funds under SC21126 Subsidies 25/10/2022 Download
41 Enquiry against Mr. Dharam veer BPS 18 AD 24/10/2022 Download
42 Enquiry against Mr. Mujahid ali Tanwari, Sub accountant, Jacobabad 24/10/2022 Download
43 Show Cause notice to Mr. Auranzeb Mallah, DAO Kashmore 21/10/2022 Download
44 Show Cause notice to Mr. Arshad Shah, Sub acc., DAO shikarpur 21/10/2022 Download
45 Shoaw Cause notices , LF Audit, KMC Karachi 20/10/2022 Download
46 Direct Payments in Foreign Aid Projects 2021-22 18/10/2022 Download
47 Clarafication regarding notification 17/10/2022 Download
48 Minor penalty imposed on Mr Asadullah, SCO, Shikarpur 17/10/2022 Download
49 Major Penalty imposed on Mr. Asadullah Soomro BPS14, DAO Jacobabad 14/10/2022 Download
50 Major Penalty imposed on Mr. Tasleem Dayo, Sub Accountant 14/10/2022 Download
51 Minor Penalty imposed on Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Auditor, DMC Korangi 13/10/2022 Download
52 Enquiry into complaint regarding recovery of illegal allowances 12/10/2022 Download
53 Anti Corruption awareness workshop 11/10/2022 Download
54 Field monitoring report district Hyderabad 07/10/2022 Download
55 Reconciliation of outstanding dues of sugar mills 07/10/2022 Download
56 Field monitoring report of District Dadu 07/10/2022 Download
57 Field monitoring report of District Dadu 07/10/2022 Download
58 Release of budget grant under head SC21106 06/10/2022 Download
59 Call for Personal Hearing to Mr. Tasleem Dayo BPs 14, DAO Shikarpur 05/10/2022 Download
60 DSC meeting regarding deceased quota on 10th October 04/10/2022 Download
61 Release of Funds under A01274 Medical Charges 04/10/2022 Download
62 Release of Funds under A05216 Fin. Assistance 04/10/2022 Download
63 Request for conducting enquiry into the matter of changing master data 30/09/2022 Download
64 Show cause notice to Mr. Auranzeb Mallah, SCO, DAO kashmore 30/09/2022 Download
65 Personal Hearing call to Mr. Asadullah soomro, DAO Jacobabad 30/09/2022 Download
66 Report against Mr. Kaleemullah Shaikh, DAO Kashmore 29/09/2022 Download
67 Illegal Posting and Misuse of Power 27/09/2022 Download
68 Direct Payments in foreign Aid Projects 27/09/2022 Download
69 Release of funds under object A01274 medical charges 27/09/2022 Download
70 Updation of Pensioners Data 26/09/2022 Download
71 Tracing out of 7000 plus pensioners 26/09/2022 Download
72 Stoppage of disbursement of monthly pension of the dormant accounts 26/09/2022 Download
73 Statement of Pension Payments made into Dormant Account of Pensioners 26/09/2022 Download
74 Promotions in Finance Department 23/09/2022 Download
75 Show Cause Notice to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, auditor, DMC Korangi 22/09/2022 Download
76 Special Internal audit of Health Insurance 22/09/2022 Download
77 Enquiry into Complaint of ACE Kambar Shahdadkot 22/09/2022 Download
78 Release of Budget under SC13122 Food Dept 22/09/2022 Download
79 Mr. Pathan Abro Dpty Director IT is assigned the work of Director IT 21/09/2022 Download
80 Submission of Fact finding Enquiry 19/09/2022 Download
81 Corruption Scandal in Pension Section of DAO Kashmore 19/09/2022 Download
82 Vacant Positions at the office of IG Treasuries, Finance Dept 16/09/2022 Download
83 Penalty Imposed upon Bashir Ahmed Channa against corruption aired on tv show Sar e Aaam 16/09/2022 Download
84 Violation of Office Memo 14/09/2022 Download
85 Promotions in finance Department 14/09/2022 Download
86 Clearing of Liabilities for transportation of goods 14/09/2022 Download
87 Communication of Budget Grant 2022-23 under SC16122 Food 14/09/2022 Download
88 Subsidy to Farmers 14/09/2022 Download
89 Appointment of Auditors as per court order 08/09/2022 Download
90 Letters regarding implementation of E-Office in Finance Dept 07/09/2022 Download
91 Mr. Sanaullah Shaikh, NQ, has been transferred to DAO Jacobabad 07/09/2022 Download
92 Show Cause notice to Mr. ayaz Mahmood, Sub accountant 06/09/2022 Download
93 JD of Computer Programmer and Sr. Computer Operator 06/09/2022 Download
94 Unauthorized absence from duty during Flood Emergency 06/09/2022 Download
95 communication of budget grant under SC24106 06/09/2022 Download
96 Collaboration with ADB for developing sindh education board 06/09/2022 Download
97 Release of Budget under head SC13122 06/09/2022 Download
98 Pensioners dormant accounts 06/09/2022 Download
99 Show Cause notice to Mr. Asadullah Jagirani, SCO 05/09/2022 Download
100 Appointment of inquiry officer for enquiry into fake hiring 05/09/2022 Download
101 Request for Inquiry 05/09/2022 Download
102 Call for personal hearing to Mr. Bashir Channa 05/09/2022 Download
103 Call for Recording of statement to Mr. Aziz Bullo 02/09/2022 Download
104 Forensic Audit of Pensionary Benefits 01/09/2022 Download
105 Forensic Audit of Pensionary Benefits - to DAOs 01/09/2022 Download
106 Announcement of Retirement of Mr. M Irfan Khan, Treasury Officer, Sujawal 29/08/2022 Download
107 Showcause notice to Mr. M Khan Solangi, NQ, Dadu 29/08/2022 Download
108 Re-Instatement into Service 29/08/2022 Download
109 Meeting of Departmental Selection Committee 23/08/2022 Download
110 Special Internal Audit of Health insurance 23/08/2022 Download
111 Constitution of Joint Oversight Committee 19/08/2022 Download
112 IDs Blocked of Supposedly Retired Employees 18/08/2022 Download
113 Reconciliation of Govt. Transactions Pertaining to SBP,NBP 17/08/2022 Download
114 Request for guidance regarding grant of Computer Allowance 12/08/2022 Download
115 Appointment against differently abled quota 12/08/2022 Download
116 Call of Personal Hearing to Mr. Izhar Ali Khokhar Sub Accountant DAO Kashmore 12/08/2022 Download
117 Final showcause notice to Mr. Bashir Ahmed Channa 12/08/2022 Download
118 showcause notice to Mr. Asadullah Jagirani, Sr Comp operator DAO Shikarpur 11/08/2022 Download
119 showcause notice to Mr. Arshad Shah, sub Accountant DAO Shikarpur 11/08/2022 Download
120 Officials attached with DIG Treasuries 11/08/2022 Download
121 Mr. Habib ur Rehman working as DIG Treasuries is assigned the DDO powers of KQ0050 11/08/2022 Download
122 Request of voluntary Retirement of Mr. Ghulam Shabir, sub Accountant, has been approved 10/08/2022 Download
123 Nomination for PIPFA Qualifications 10/08/2022 Download
124 Call for Explanation 04/08/2022 Download
125 Call for Personal Hearing to Mr. Nadir Ali Shah, Sub Accountant, DAO Tharparkar 02/08/2022 Download
126 Call for Personal hearing to Mr. Faheem Memon, sub Accountant, DAO Dadu 02/08/2022 Download
127 Extract of Hon. Supreme Court Judgment regarding Pension 01/08/2022 Download
128 Show Cause notice to Mr. Waseem Akram Pechuho 29/07/2022 Download
129 Penalty imposed upon Mr. Rasool Bux Panhwar, Sub Accountant 29/07/2022 Download
130 Penalty imposed upon Syed Zulqarnain Shah, Sub Accountant 29/07/2022 Download
131 Show cause notice to Mr. Bashir Ahmed channa, Sr. Comp Operator 29/07/2022 Download
132 Show cause notice to Mr. Tasleem Ahmed Dayo, Sub Accountant 29/07/2022 Download
133 Show cause notice to Mr. Asadullah Soomro, Sub Accountant 29/07/2022 Download
134 Show cause notice to Mr. M. Khan Solangi, Naib Qasid 29/07/2022 Download
135 Show cause notice to Mr. Sarfaraz Ali Ghanghro, Sub Accountant 29/07/2022 Download
136 Show cause notice to Mr. Noman Hussian Memon, Jr. Clerk 29/07/2022 Download
137 Request to take disciplinary action against Mr. Zamir Hussain Khokhar 29/07/2022 Download
138 Appointment of enquiry officer against allegation of hiring fake employees 28/07/2022 Download
139 Verification od Pensioners switched from manual to DCS 27/07/2022 Download
140 Request for provision of data of IDs created and changed by DAO, Jacobabad 27/07/2022 Download
141 Warning Letter to Mr. Mujahid Tanwari, Sub Accountant, DAO Hyd 21/07/2022 Download
142 Forensic Audit of Pensionary Benefits 21/07/2022 Download
143 Appointment against deceased quota 20/07/2022 Download
144 DAC Meeting on Audit Report for years 2012-13 to 2015-16 19/07/2022 Download
145 Nomination of audit officer for verification of Audit Paras 2016-17 19/07/2022 Download
146 Nomination of audit officer for verification of Audit report of Pension Payment for 2012-2020 19/07/2022 Download
147 Permission to Release Salaries of Staff working on service rendered basis 15/07/2022 Download
148 Transfer Posting - Mr. Fayaz Ali Solangi, Accountant transferred to DAO, Ghotki 15/07/2022 Download
149 Transfer Posting - Mr. M. Yusuf Rahpoto, Sr. Computer Operator, transferred to DAO Dadu 15/07/2022 Download
150 Revision of Basic Pay Scales, Allowances and Pension of Civil Servants & Pensioners of GoS 13/07/2022 Download
151 Nomination of Officers on Joint Oversight Committee 08/07/2022 Download
152 Release of Budget Grant 2022-23 under SC21106 Finance 06/07/2022 Download
153 Application of Mr. Bilal Baloch for appointment in deceased quota 06/07/2022 Download
154 Nomination for PIPFA Qualifications 06/07/2022 Download
155 Clarification of notification regarding health risk allowance 06/07/2022 Download
156 Communication of Budget grant 2022-23 under head SC21122 05/07/2022 Download
157 Release of Funds under A05216 05/07/2022 Download
158 Release of Funds under A01274 04/07/2022 Download
159 Appointment of Differently abled Persons quota 04/07/2022 Download
160 Special Audit of the accounts of Sindh Govt. hospital Saudabad 04/07/2022 Download
161 Enquiry regarding illegal increased adhoc allowance 04/07/2022 Download
162 Show cause notice to Mr. Ayaz Mehmood, Sub Accountant, DAO Mirpurkhas 04/07/2022 Download
163 Show cause notice to Mr. Arif Hussain Mirani, Treasury Officer, DAO Mirpurkhas 04/07/2022 Download
164 Convening of DAC Meeting on Accounts of Govt. of sindh 01/07/2022 Download
165 Letter Regarding Daily Cheque Register 30/06/2022 Download
166 Request to provide details of Mr. Naeem, Chowkidar, Food Dept 30/06/2022 Download
167 Conduct of Audit for FY-21-22 30/06/2022 Download
168 DAC meeting for Audit Report on Accounts of GOS 29/06/2022 Download
169 DAC meeting for Audit Report on Accounts of GOS for FY2012-13 to 2015-16 29/06/2022 Download
170 Penalty Order against Mr. Bilal Qureshi, Sub Accountant BPS14 29/06/2022 Download
171 Amendment in Recruitment Rules for Treasry and Accounts Service 29/06/2022 Download
172 Penalty Order against Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Chandio, Sub Accountant BPS14 27/06/2022 Download
173 Penalty Order against Mr. Farrukh Zaheer, Sr. Comp. Operator BPS16 27/06/2022 Download
174 Splitting of ADP Bills 24/06/2022 Download
175 Letter to Director - United Insurance Company 24/06/2022 Download
176 Shifiting of SAP User ID 23/06/2022 Download
177 Personal Hearing notice to Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Thebo 23/06/2022 Download
178 Special Permission for processing LG Election bills 23/06/2022 Download
179 Enquiry report after TV Program Sar-e-aam 23/06/2022 Download
180 Personal Hearing notice to Mr. Rasool Bux Panwhwar 22/06/2022 Download
181 No alteration in DOB as per rules 22/06/2022 Download
182 Penalty order against Mr. M. Adil awan, Sub Accountant BPS 14 21/06/2022 Download
183 Penalty order against Mr. Danish Noor Dayo, Sub Accountant BPS 14 21/06/2022 Download
184 Penalty order against Mr. Majid Hussain Langah, Sub Accountant BPS 14 21/06/2022 Download
185 Deliver show cause notice to Mr. Waseem Akram Pechuho 21/06/2022 Download
186 Deliver show cause notice to Mr. Noman Hussain Memon, JC, DAO Dadu 21/06/2022 Download
187 Promotion of Accountants BPS-17 to Treasury Officers BPS-18 16/06/2022 Download
188 Govt Machinery not to be used for political activities - Directions by Hon Supreme Court 14/06/2022 Download
189 Sindh Agriculture Project Refund of Unspent amount to IDA 13/06/2022 Download
190 Demand of funds under the head 'Rent of Godowns' 13/06/2022 Download
191 Permission for clearance of transportation liabilities during CY21-22 13/06/2022 Download
192 Subsidy to Farmers 10/06/2022 Download
193 Provision of details of Foreign Debt Liability 10/06/2022 Download
194 Refund of Unutilized amount of International Development Association IDA 09/06/2022 Download
195 Refund of Unspent amount to World Bank 09/06/2022 Download
196 Final List of excess and Surrender for 2021-22 under head 'SC24106' 09/06/2022 Download
197 Guidelines for hiring of newly appointed employees and for promotions 07/06/2022 Download
198 Approval of draft Sindh Fiscal responsibility and Debt Management Act 06/06/2022 Download
199 Final List of excess and Surrender for 2021-22 under head 'SC16122' 04/06/2022 Download
200 Subsidy to farmers during Kharif Crop 2021 03/06/2022 Download
201 Exchange rate of US dollar adopted for Revised Estimate for foreign loans 31/05/2022 Download
202 Upgradation and redesignation of Posts in BoR 25/05/2022 Download
203 Reminder - Inquiry against Mr. Shafique Ahmed, Sub Accountant, DAO Dadu 25/05/2022 Download
204 Update - Compensation to family of Govt. servants who expired due to corona virus 24/05/2022 Download
205 Budget and Revised Estimated for cash development loans 24/05/2022 Download
206 Information for Off-Cycle payroll payments of regular employees and pensioners 23/05/2022 Download
207 Inquiry against Mr. Bashir Ahmed Channa, Sr Computer Operator, DAO Mirpurkhas 23/05/2022 Download
208 Surprise visit to DAO Benazeerabad on 24-01-2022 20/05/2022 Download
209 Grant of BPS 16 to B.Tech degree holder sub-engineers of Irrigation Dept. 20/05/2022 Download
210 Release of Funds under head of account SC13122 food dept. for wheat procurement 19/05/2022 Download
211 Promotion of Sub-accountants BPS14 to Assistant Accountant BPS15 19/05/2022 Download
212 Minor Penalty upon Mr. Nadeem Ali Mirani, Record Keeper, DAO Kamber 19/05/2022 Download
213 Compensation to family of Govt. servants who expired due to corona virus 18/05/2022 Download
214 Reminder to Banks - For Updating of Pensioners Data of Govt. of Sindh 16/05/2022 Download
215 Mr. Asad Zamin, DG PPP Unit, nominated as co-signatory 10/05/2022 Download
216 Court Order - Upgradation of Stenographers of sub-ordinate courts from BPS15 to 16 09/05/2022 Download
217 Release of Funds under the Head of Account SC21126 Subsidies - Food Dept. for FY2021-22 29/04/2022 Download
218 Splitting, Clubbing of ADP Bills 29/04/2022 Download
219 Final List of excess and surrender under head of account SC21122 Food Dept for FY2021-22 28/04/2022 Download
220 Recovery of Amount Lying in Pensioners Dormant Accounts 28/04/2022 Download
221 Final List of excess and surrender under head of account SC21106 Finance for FY2021-22 26/04/2022 Download
222 Application for opening of personal ID 26/04/2022 Download
223 Notification regarding departmental promotions, Asst Accountants BPS 15 are promoted to the posts of Accountants BPS 17 26/04/2022 Download
224 Show Cause notice to Mr. Bilal qureshi, sub accountant 26/04/2022 Download
225 Administrative Approval of ADP Scheme 717 (ADP 2021-22) 26/04/2022 Download
226 Release of withheld funds on account of honoraria, Food Department (Sect) 25/04/2022 Download
227 Release of Budget of Sindh food Authority for FY21-22 25/04/2022 Download
228 Request for restoration of interest free loan facility of Govt. Employees 22/04/2022 Download
229 Request to issue NOC in favour of Mr. Sarfaraz Ali, to visit india 21/04/2022 Download
230 Minor penalty imposed on Mr. Ikramullah Kalwar against being absent for more than a year 21/04/2022 Download
231 Order after investigation against Mr. Ikramullah Kalwar against being absent for more than a year 21/04/2022 Download
232 Official Ramzan Timings for visitors in Finance Department 21/04/2022 Download
233 Permission for Computerized International Passport to Mr. Ameer Ali Sangi 20/04/2022 Download
234 Release of Funds under the head of account SC13122 Food Department in FY2021-22 18/04/2022 Download
235 DS Admin/Accounts Finance Department nominated as focal person to ensure returning of amounts to pensioners 18/04/2022 Download
236 DS Admin, Accounts, Finance Department nominated as focal person to ensure returning of amounts to pensioners 18/04/2022 Download
237 Tender for the provision of Janitorial Services with cleaning material for Finance Department Karachi. 18/04/2022 Download
238 Fact finding enquiry to ascertain the genuiness of 24 pensioners with entitlement of arrears made by DAO, Jcobabad 15/04/2022 Download
239 Provision of pension payroll to respective focal persons of Banks 15/04/2022 Download
240 Plea Bargain, State Vs Peer Bux Samoon & others 14/04/2022 Download
241 Status of accused person who entered into Plea Bargain U/S 25(B) of NAO,1999 14/04/2022 Download
242 Status of accused person who entered into Plea Bargain US 25(B) of NAO,1999 14/04/2022 Download
243 Redesignation of the post Additional Director (BPS19) as Additional Director (Registration) BPS 19 14/04/2022 Download
244 Consitution of Committee for investigation of fake pension bills 13/04/2022 Download
245 Settlement of Outstanding claims of Trading Corporation of Pakistan 11/04/2022 Download
246 Condonation of Deficiency in Qualifying Service for Pension 07/04/2022 Download
247 Submission of enquiry report Inquiry against withdrawal of amount without concurrence of Finance Department. 06/04/2022 Download
248 Constitution of Committee for Selection of Chartered Accountant Firm 05/04/2022 Download
249 Provision of information for Investigation against Mr. Mushtaq ahmed Shaikh, M. Nazir Bhutto 05/04/2022 Download
250 Inquiry against withdrawal of amount without concurrence of Finance Department. 31/03/2022 Download
251 Notification regarding resignation of Mr. Taha Noman Khan 31/03/2022 Download
252 notice of personal hearing to Mr. Ikramullah, Record keeper, DAO Ghotki 30/03/2022 Download
253 Order to condone the deficient period in qualifying service in favour of Mst. Noor Khatoon 29/03/2022 Download
254 Mr. Arif Khan Mangrio, Sub accountant, DAO Naushehro feroze granted 30 days leave 29/03/2022 Download
255 Provision of personal record in respect of Mr. Abdul Latif, O.T. 29/03/2022 Download
256 Minutes of 2nd meeting with banks related to pensioners of govt. of Sindh 29/03/2022 Download
257 Grant of BPS-16 to degree holders of Public health engineering department 28/03/2022 Download
258 Grant of BPS-16 to degree holders of Irrigation department 28/03/2022 Download
259 Mr. M Zaman Narejo allowed to hold additional charge of Post ADG PPP unit, finance department. 25/03/2022 Download
260 Request to issue corrigendum in respect of ADP no. 717(2021-22) 25/03/2022 Download
261 minor penalty imposed upon Ali akbar Chandio 24/03/2022 Download
262 Leave encashment granted to Ms. Roohi Anis, sub accountant, TO Karachi. 24/03/2022 Download
263 Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Rajar granted 30 days leave 24/03/2022 Download
264 Pre Audit of Cheques, Verification of Record, Fake sign (Local Govt Sindh) 24/03/2022 Download
265 Visit to District account offices, by Director Central Record office 24/03/2022 Download
266 Appointment against differently abled persons in government. 24/03/2022 Download
267 Administrative approval of 50 million under revenue component of ADP scheme 717(2021-22) 24/03/2022 Download
268 Four Tier Formula for upgradation of Pharmacists in Health Dept. Govt. of sindh 22/03/2022 Download
269 Hon. CM sindh Reinstated Mr. Ghulam Akbar khoso, Jr. clerk 22/03/2022 Download
270 Clarification regarding providing M Phil allowance 22/03/2022 Download
271 Redesignation Upgradation of posts of BPS-17, 18, 19 & 20 on the basis of 4-tier formula for IT Computer Science teachers 18/03/2022 Download
272 Corrigendum - Sindh Financial Management and Accountability Act 2011 16/03/2022 Download
273 Amendments in Sindh Delegation of Financial Powers and Financial Control Rules 2019 16/03/2022 Download
274 Redesignation of the post of Additional IGP (R&D) as Additional IGP (CTD) 16/03/2022 Download
275 Action against absence of DAO Shikarpur and his staff 16/03/2022 Download
276 Show cause notices to the staff of DAO Shikarpur 16/03/2022 Download
277 Refund of un-utilized amount of FE-21 IDA 54940 Sindh Agricultural growth project 16/03/2022 Download
278 Refund of un-utilized amount of FE-21 IDA 54940 Sindh Agricultural growth project 16/03/2022 Download
279 Providing of Off cycle pay roll payments on account of regular and pensioners 15/03/2022 Download
280 For DAOs - Provision of record under section 33B Read with 27 of NAO 1999 15/03/2022 Download
281 Rectification of incorrect CNIC numbers of Pensioners of Sindh 15/03/2022 Download
282 Penalty imposed on Sub-Accountant, DAO TM Khan. 15/03/2022 Download
283 Meeting on transparent disbursement of Pension Funds 11/03/2022 Download
284 Reimbursement of medical charges 11/03/2022 Download
285 Action on starred assembly question No. 4931 11/03/2022 Download
286 For DAO Sh. Benazirabad - Deposit of recovered currency 10/03/2022 Download
287 For DAO Sukkur - Deliver Show cause Notice 09/03/2022 Download
288 Posting of Section Officer PCDC 08/03/2022 Download
289 Improvement in Pension Payment Process 08/03/2022 Download
290 Posting of Special Finance Secretary (SR.Admin) 07/03/2022 Download
291 Sub Accountant, DAO Kashmore granted leave of 22 days 04/03/2022 Download
292 Sub Accountant, DAO T.M Khan, granted leave of 15 days 04/03/2022 Download
293 Jr. Clerk, DAO Dadu, granted leave of 30 days 04/03/2022 Download
294 Notice of personal hearing to sub accountant, DAO T.M Khan 03/03/2022 Download
295 Reimbursement of Medical charges in favour of Syed Ali Raza Shah 03/03/2022 Download
296 Upgradation of Posts 01/03/2022 Download
297 Submission of Monthly payroll to NBP 28/02/2022 Download
298 Revised Estimates for FY21-22 and Budget Estimates for FY22-23 against disbursement of foreign project aid 28/02/2022 Download
299 Request for grant of additional budget under the head SC13122 Food Dept. (Wheat Procurement) 28/02/2022 Download
300 Claim of ReImbursement of Medical Charges incurred on indoor treatment 24/02/2022 Download
301 Inquiry against Mr. Bashir Ahmed Channa againt the news aired on ARY News Channel on Program Sar-e-Aam 22/02/2022 Download
302 Inquiry against changing in master data of SAP 17/02/2022 Download
303 Reminder - Status of pensioners of District Jacobabad 17/02/2022 Download
304 Reminder - Enquiry of UnPaid disbursement of 10 Percent increase in family pension 17/02/2022 Download
305 Inquiry against Mr. Shafique Ahmed Memon, Sub Accountant DAO Office Dadu 17/02/2022 Download
306 Inquiry against Mr. Shafique Ahmed Memon, Sub Accountant DAO Office Dadu 17/02/2022 Download
307 Opening of Fresh ID for Disbursement of Salary 14/02/2022 Download
308 Reimbursement of Medical Charges in favor of Mr. Ghulam Soomro 11/02/2022 Download
309 Communication of Budget grant FY21-22 under SC21122 03/02/2022 Download
310 Release of funds under A01274 medical charges 03/02/2022 Download
311 Release of funds under A05216 Financial assistance 03/02/2022 Download
312 Mr. Raja Tarique Hussain posted as DS Admin and Accounts 03/02/2022 Download
313 Certificate regarding claim of arrears of pension 02/02/2022 Download
314 Data Cleansing in Employees Master Records 01/02/2022 Download
315 Revision of special allowance rate for prosecutors and law officers 01/02/2022 Download
316 Time scale to sister tutor BPS 17 28/01/2022 Download
317 Mr. Sajid Jamal Abro has assumed the Charge of the post of Secretary Finance 28/01/2022 Download
318 Harassment and Illegal detention of DAO Jacobabad by Anti Corruption Establihsment 27/01/2022 Download
319 Enquiry of Retirement / Hiring of Mr. abdull rehman retired NQ of Education Dept 27/01/2022 Download
320 Inquiry of Retirement, Hiring of Mr. Abdull rehman retired NQ of Education Dept 27/01/2022 Download
321 Release the salary of director local fund audit Karachi required in Succession petition 27/01/2022 Download
322 Notification of Retirement of Mr. Aijaz Hussain Memon 26/01/2022 Download
323 Redesignation of Posts of advisor(special) to director general (Finance & Accounts) 25/01/2022 Download
324 Reconciliation of posts and removal of anomalies in budget book volume-III 25/01/2022 Download
325 Establishment of Health Insurance Cell 21/01/2022 Download
326 Approved case of medical reimbursement 20/01/2022 Download
327 Mr. Haroon Shaikh, Treasury Officer Khairpur Mirs is granted 10 days leave 20/01/2022 Download
328 Request for appointment of Sweeper 20/01/2022 Download
329 Communication of Budget grant FY 21-22 under SC16122 19/01/2022 Download
330 Reimbursement of Medical charges in favour of Mr. Sudeer Ahmed 19/01/2022 Download
331 Complaint received at SPMS against District Accounts Offices 18/01/2022 Download
332 List of Employees Dismissed from service 18/01/2022 Download
333 Constitutional Petition filed by Akhtar Hussain vs Province of Sindh and others 18/01/2022 Download
334 Withdrawn from retirement order in favour of Mr. Ghulam Qadir Solangi (JC) 18/01/2022 Download
335 Requirement of Funds for electricity charges of SEPCO 14/01/2022 Download
336 Notification for scrutiny committtee 14/01/2022 Download
337 Release of budget for wheat procurement 14/01/2022 Download
338 Release for communication of budget grant for FY2021-22 under head of account for Food Department 13/01/2022 Download
339 Pending public complaints referred by the Chief Secretary Sindh forwarded to various departments 12/01/2022 Download
340 Procedure of disposal of claims for employees retirement benefits 12/01/2022 Download
341 Payment of 15 month salary to the ex-employee of SASO on the order of high court 12/01/2022 Download
342 Annual confidential reports of all civil servants 12/01/2022 Download
343 Order of Financial Assistance 12/01/2022 Download
344 Reimbursement of medical charges to Mr. Syed Ali Raza Shah 12/01/2022 Download
345 Proforma for claim of Arrears of Pension 12/01/2022 Download
346 Communication of Budget Grant for the year 2021-22 under Finance Department repayment of foreign loan 11/01/2022 Download
347 Refund of unspent amount under Sindh public sector management reform to world bank 11/01/2022 Download
348 Revalidation of Pre Audit Cheues 11/01/2022 Download
349 Refund of Unspent amount under sindh public sector management reform project to world bank 11/01/2022 Download
350 Communication of budget grant for FY 2021-22 under Finance Debt Servicing interest payment 11/01/2022 Download
351 Notification for establishment of scrutiny committee for filling up vacant contractual positions 10/01/2022 Download
352 Long Outstanding receivables appearing in financial statements of GOS 07/01/2022 Download
353 Communication of Budget Grant Current for FY 21-22 under SC21106 06/01/2022 Download
354 Casual leave granted to Mr. Tariq Mubeen 04/01/2022 Download
355 Ex-Pakistan leave granted to Mr. Wajid Hussain 04/01/2022 Download
356 Ex-Pakistan leave granted to Mr. Syed Inayat Ali Shah 04/01/2022 Download
357 Officials from finance department granted special permission for appearing in SAS Exam 31/12/2021 Download
358 Reimbursement Medical Charges in favor of Adnan Khalid Mufti (JC) 30/12/2021 Download
359 Order for Release of Amount on account of Reimbursement of Medical Charges in favor of Syed Ishrat Hussain Shah 30/12/2021 Download
360 Order for Release of Amount on account of Reimbursement of Medical Charges in favor of Mr. Akhter Mahesar 30/12/2021 Download
361 Order for Incurrence of expenditure for Amount on account of Reimbursement of Medical Charges in favor of Mr. Mansoor Rashid 30/12/2021 Download
362 Reimbursement Medical Charges in favour of Mr. Asim Brohi 30/12/2021 Download
363 Complaint of demanding gratification against mujahid Ali Tanwari, Sub- Accountant 30/12/2021 Download
364 Multiple complaints pertains to district accounts office in sindh, Received at Pakistan Citizen Portal 30/12/2021 Download
365 Complaint against officers district education office primary Khairpur and Treasury of Khaipur 30/12/2021 Download
366 Request for online on account of Medical Reimbursement and Financial Assistance 30/12/2021 Download
367 Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Treasury Officer Dadu is granted 15 days earned leave 29/12/2021 Download
368 Order for Release of Amount on account of Financial Assistance 29/12/2021 Download
369 Medical Reimbursement 28/12/2021 Download
370 Medical Reimbursement - Gul Munir Mirani (LATE) 28/12/2021 Download
371 Provision of Information for investigation against Mushtaq Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Nazir Bhutto and Additional DAOs 28/12/2021 Download
372 Provision of Information for investigation against Mushtaq Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Nazir Bhutto and Additional DAOs 28/12/2021 Download
373 Mr Dahani Bux Jahejo, ADO Hyderabad is hereby assigned to disposed-off the work of ADO-I Dadu, 24/12/2021 Download
374 Redressal of Grievances 24/12/2021 Download
375 Mr. Muhammad Ali Mangi DAO Sukkur is hereby assigned to dispose-off the work of Accountant of DAO Shikarpur, with Immediate effect 24/12/2021 Download
376 Request for transfer from District Account Office Sujawal to District Account Office Umerkot 24/12/2021 Download
377 Illegal activities regarding adjustment of difference of pay of different departments 23/12/2021 Download
378 Archiving of Record 01/09/2021 Download
379 Ban on Pre-Mature Transfer in Subordinate offices of Finance Dept 14/07/2021 Download
380 Release of Budget Grant(Current) for the year 2021-22 under the head of account SC2116 Finance 12/07/2021 Download
381 Notification for Minimum Wage 09/07/2021 Download
382 Initial appointment BS-1 to BS4 04/06/2021 Download
383 Final list of access and surrender for the year 2020-21 under the head of account SC2116 (106) Finance 07/04/2021 Download
384 Provisional Seniority list of typist of treasury & Accounts services, Sindh as stood on 01.04.2021 01/04/2021 Download
385 Daily progress of scanning of files 01/04/2021 Download
386 Simplifications of procedures regarding pensions-delay in disposal of pensions 30/12/2020 Download
387 Request for Grant of permission for extra attempt in departmental examination of accountant through Sindh Public Service Commission 24/12/2020 Download
388 Preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 by Sindh government 24/11/2020 Download
389 SNE Meetings for the year 2021-22 (Current Expenditure) 04/11/2020 Download
390 Establishment of Seniority List in Respect of BPS - 01 to BPS - 04 02/11/2020 Download
391 Maintaining Good Conduct of official business and follow specified channel of correspondence 05/10/2020 Download
392 Declaration of Income Assets held and Accuired by Government Servants for the year 30th June, 2020 09/09/2020 Download
393 Upgradation of BPS-7,8,11,12 BS16 24/08/2020 Download
394 Time scale of teaching staff 06/07/2020 Download
395 Establishment of DAO Sujawal 06/07/2020 Download
396 Computer and Entry operator BPS (7,8,11,12,16) 10/01/2020 Download
397 Problems faced by pensioners in sanction/drawl of pension 16/12/2019 Download
398 Problems faced by pensioners in sanction/drawl of pension 16/12/2019 Download
399 Problems faced by pensioners in sanction or drawl of pension 16/12/2019 Download
400 Promotion next Scale of Techinical Staff 16/10/2019 Download
401 Request for Promotion next scale Technical staff 22/05/2019 Download
402 Order time scale of (HST) BPS-20 29/03/2019 Download
403 Time scale of Sanitary Worker Sweeper etc. 01/06/2018 Download
404 Appointment of District Returning Officers 25/05/2018 Download
405 Status upgradation Assistant Account (BPS-16) to (BPS-17) 24/05/2018 Download
406 Services structure Mechanism posts BPS-01toBPS-04 16/05/2018 Download
407 Final Closing of Year 2017-18 15/05/2018 Download
408 Suo moto notice taken in court 25/04/2018 Download
409 Detachment of Private Persons illegally working in DAOs in Sindh 18/04/2018 Download
410 Request of UP-Gradation 13/04/2018 Download
411 Late Comming Practice in Sub-Ordinate offices of Finance Department 02/04/2018 Download
412 Running Scale (HST)science teacher Appointment 27/03/2018 Download
413 Upgradation of Auditorial post local fund Audit 27/03/2018 Download
414 CP NO 130-K of 2017 and Criminal Original Petition No 18-K of 2017 Filed by Zahid Hussain Hulio vs Province of Sindh and Others 26/01/2018 Download
415 4-Tier policy structure for agriculture 24/11/2017 Download
416 Post of Assistant Superintendent Head clerk senior and junior clerk 04/08/2016 Download
417 Grant of Four Formula in Social Welfare Department 11/07/2016 Download
418 Executive Application Service Appeal 15/12/2015 Download
419 Running scale Increment for Un-Trained Teacher Appointment 21/10/2015 Download
420 Grant of higher grade of Teaching Staff 30/04/2015 Download
421 Grant of Incentive scal of Employes of BPS-01 to BPS16 (Non-Promotional) 30/04/2015 Download
422 Upgradation for post Junior Scale Stenographers(BPS-12) 11/04/2013 Download
423 Upgradation post of Stenographer, Senior Scale etc. 21/03/2013 Download
424 Grant higher (Braille instruction of Education & Literacy Department) 23/05/2012 Download
425 Upgradation Treasury account of Sindh 25/03/2012 Download
426 Order approval authority Sanction post 16/12/2011 Download
427 Grant for higher skills basis 07/06/2010 Download
428 Services Structure Para-Medical Health Department 30/04/2010 Download